Enabling Digital Workspaces

We architect, engineer and implement essential technologies into your workspace to lift team performance.


The workplace of tomorrow has arrived, and it runs on smart office technologies. Yet too often, essential technologies are shoehorned into a build at the last minute. Not surprisingly, the technology doesn’t work as planned, and teams are left without the tools they need to perform at their best.

Layer 10 offers a better way. From the beginning, we fit your technology design to your business and workspace. Since our services span every phase of a large-scale build, we can guide your project from design through to implementation—or inject critical expertise when needed.


Here’s how our services map to each phase of your build:

Phase 0: Concept
  • Define business, talent and culture goals
  • Define expectations and guiding principles
  • Present opportunities to leverage the smartest technologies
  • Determine other needs and opportunities specific to your team
Phase 1: Design
  • Design the technology to support your business, talent and culture goals
  • Work with design team to architect technology into the build
  • Assist in planning for IT dependencies
  • Define scope and budget
  • Establish critical technology components needed for budget and permit sets
Phase 2: Build
  • Manage engineering of the designed solution
  • Vendor selection and management
  • Establish physical IT asset requirements
  • Vendor/supplier management
  • Scope refinement
Phase 3: Deploy
  • Manage the physical implementation of IT assets
  • Resource management
  • Procurement and contracts management
  • Scope management
  • Delivery management
Phase 4: Support
  • Coordinate move day and command center operations
  • Manage the physical move of IT assets
  • Manage end-user issue resolution for IT items during warranty period
  • Establish and manage request process for IT enhancements
  • Facilitate transition to existing operations

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