About Layer 10

Based in Denver, Colorado, our team has decades of combined experience in IT systems, engineering and management consulting. Throughout our careers, we’ve worked with companies of all sizes across industries and sectors.

Although we’re tech-savvy and attuned to the latest trends, we don’t pursue technology for its own sake. Our passion is helping you leverage the right technologies for your business to cultivate collaboration, creativity and community and lift team performance.


Ken Wilkinson

Ken Wilkinson

Chief Enablement Officer

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Ken brings more than 20 years of management consulting and IT experience to our firm.

He has led strategic initiatives for large organizations across multiple industries, including healthcare, telecommunications, oil and gas and education. He has special expertise in driving change management and technology implementations and in leading Project Management Office teams.

Trained as a programmer and project management expert, Ken has always been interested in technology and business innovation. He is known for his ability to diagnose business needs and identify technologies that help teams collaborate more effectively.

As Chief Enablement Officer, Ken leads client engagements and sets the strategic direction for our Digital Workspace Enablement Practice. He also oversees our marketing and business development efforts.

Josh Herald

Josh Herald

Chief Delivery Officer

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An engineer by training, Josh has spent more than 15 years leading teams and helping organizations solve their most complex challenges.

He has extensive management consulting experience in project management, data center operations, process transformation, operations management and business continuity. His work spans multiple industries, including retail, publishing, finance, healthcare and natural resources.

Josh is known for his problem-solving mindset and ability to streamline processes to improve team performance. He is especially interested in using technology to enable flexible work options that improve both individual and team performance.

As Chief Delivery Officer at Layer 10, Josh sets account operations standards, oversees high-quality delivery and ensures customer satisfaction across our Digital Workspace Enablement Practice.

Traci Peterson

Traci Peterson

Chief Operations Officer

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Traci is an IT expert with more than 18 years of experience in IT operational management and technology-related projects.

As a senior executive and management consultant, Traci has guided large teams in executing enterprise technology implementations and turn-around projects. She has deep expertise in program management, team leadership, strategic planning, business analysis, quality assurance and customer relationship management.

Traci has spent most of her career serving large healthcare organizations. She’s seen firsthand how technology can help teams work more effectively, if the technologies are chosen wisely and designed to support the way individuals and teams actually work. Responsible for the day-to-day operations including financial and administrative aspects of the company.

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